Eco Governance

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Eco Governance is the ecological & economic system of intentions, policies, processes and regulations of organizations and corporations. Eco Governance ensures the eco-responsibility of certain individuals and organizations to obtain ecological sustainable environment and real prosperity.

According to

§1 The organization or corporation implements, sustains and follows eco-friendly and efficient behavior in internal and external processes, decisions, policies, and regulations.

§2 The organization or corporation supports other eco-friendly organizations and individuals Practice of the eco governance codex can mean:
• Production of eco-friendly -materials, -products, -transports and -energy
• Utilization of eco-friendly -materials, -products, -transports and -energy
• Support and utilization of eco-friendly recycling methods
• Reducing pollution, toxic emissions and environmental impact
• Supporting eco recovery and environmental protection projects
• Efficient fiscal and resource planning
• Simplified and effective organizational conduct