The Swedish approach

An integrated and holistic approach to sustainable development – from planning to post-implementation – delivers  more for less. Unlocking the synergies between urban systems opens up a wealth of benefits: environmental, social and economic. Stakeholders can achieve remarkable results in their cultural context by working together across boundaries to create better cities. 

A glance in the rearview mirror demonstrates that concern for the environment is a success story for everyone involved. We have overcome many challenges. Green alternatives are now asked for in every field, and today a sustainable point of view comes naturally. But we can’t stop caring; indeed we need to care even more. Future challenges and their environmental impact will be much more diffuse than they used to be. In the future, the solutions will not be as easy as adding a filter to a tube. And the results will be harder to measure or maybe not even measurable at all for a long time.

And in an era of globalization, we have to take on and defeat both local and global challenges. A new chapter in our shared eco-history begins today.